Things to do for February 20, 2014

The Weekender

Bourbon Slushies, Ping-Pong and a New Pop-Up Bar

Say you, say the weekend. Say it together, naturally.

Poolside Slushies. With Alcohol.

Poolside Slushies. With Alcohol.

It’s getting pretty warm outside. You should pencil in some pool time. Preferably at South Shore. Especially if you like Dark and Stormy slushies. Bourbon Arnold Palmer slushies. Gin Strawberry Fields slushies. They’re from NYC’s Kelvin Natural Slush Co. truck. And from 2 to 3pm, they’re free. If that’s okay with you.

Shake Shack Has Ping-Pong Now

Shake Shack Has Ping-Pong Now

So you’ve been watching the Olympics. And you’re feeling... competitive. Well, sorry. No slaloms here. But Shake Shack’s launching their first table tennis tournament tonight. They’ll bring the paddles, balls and a professional-grade table. You bring your A game to one of their 16 competitive slots. Some cheerleaders would be a nice touch.

Feb 20, 7pm, no cost, Shake Shack, 1450 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, 786-470-3701

The Inception of Cocktail Bars

The <em>Inception</em> of Cocktail Bars

NYC cocktailery The Dead Rabbit is making itself at home inside Patpong Road for a couple of nights. What that means for you: historically accurate cocktails from the 19th century made by co-owner Jack McGarry. So to recap: you’ll be drinking. If that wasn’t already clear.

Feb 21-22, 8pm, Patpong Road, 1661 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, 305-763-8147

Strings and DJs and Flashing Lights

Strings and DJs and Flashing Lights

Take a symphonic hall, turn it into a strobe-light-crazed club, toss in some string players and an ultra-seasoned DJ, and pack it full of a dance-friendly crowd wearing only white. You know what—never mind. The New World Symphony’s taking care of all that. So... go.

Lots of Food. Lots of Wine. Here.

Lots of Food. Lots of Wine. Here.

Fact: Miami is being overrun by a ginormous food festival this weekend.
Problem: You... sort of forgot to buy tickets. Also: Andrew Zimmern fatigue.
Solution: This Saturday, the Moore Building will play host to over 20 local restaurants (think: City Hall and Red, the Steakhouse) and DJ Irie. Also: limitless booze. That’s a number you can work with.

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