Swing Training

A Sensor That Makes You Better at Sports

None Practice doesn’t make perfect.

This thing makes perfect.

Limber up for Zepp, a little square-shaped sensor that attaches to your tennis racquet, baseball bat or golf club and helps you become better at using those things, available now.

Imagine a coach that’s capable of recording your swinging motion in 1,000 data points per second. Now, imagine that coach being the size of a chestnut, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth and giving you the sort of real-time feedback that previously required, well, a human. That’s this. And it’s about to help you...

... correct your slice. Affix it to your golf glove, and it’ll measure stuff like club speed and backswing position. Then, you can watch an animated version of yourself and see what needs fixing. About your swing. Strictly talking about your swing.

... improve your forehand. Clip it to the base of your tennis racquet, and you’ll see exactly how many swings of each type (forehand, backhand, smash) you made during a match. Serving-grunt analysis forthcoming.

... hit the curve. Use it with a bat, and you can gain insight on everything from the rate of your bat speed to the angle of impact.

Sucks to be your piñata now.

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