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Classic Cocktails Get Weird at the Line Hotel

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1972: Bartender Robert “Rosebud” Butt invents the Long Island Iced Tea.

Yesterday: The last day you scoff at the uncivil notion of ever, ever drinking one.


Today POT Lobby Bar exists, and inside it there’s Roy Choi and Matt Biancaniello reinventing Long Islands with mezcal and aloe, and it’s now open at the Line Hotel in Koreatown.

It’s a wide hexagonal bar resembling a dark-wood UFO, ready to launch from the lobby’s left flank with a huge cache of plastic army guys, saint candles, squirt guns, lighters and puffy metallic balloons. It all adds a regal air of credibility to the drinks. Or not. But plastic army guys are fun, sure. Why not.

It opens at 5pm, so it’s a good late-afternoon spot to hole up in a circular booth to talk to people on your laptop or to talk to people in person—or later, make it your post-bulgogi stronghold to get you through these chilly winter nights.

Either way, you’ll be trying unfamiliar versions of familiar drinks—think soju (with kimchi in it), a Tom Collins (with stinging-nettle-infused gin) and that Long Island Iced Tea, now made with mezcal, blood orange and aloe vera.

Still no tea.

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