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What Can’t You Make Out of Old Fire Hoses...

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Breaking news: fire hoses can be turned into hammocks.

Also, apparently Bruno Mars can do the splits.

Right, so about those hammocks...

Sound the alarm for Oxgut Hose Co., an Emeryville-based company that’s salvaging old fire hoses and turning them into hammocks, accessories and design-y modern furniture (yes, really), available now.

Interesting fact: fire hoses are decommissioned after 10 years on the job. No matter what. Then, if they’re lucky, Oxgut finds them and turns them into iPad cases. If they got stitches or burn marks during their decade of service, you’ll see that stuff in the repurposed product. Medal of honor, kind of. Basically, you can tell people your iPad saved a baby.

Anyway, yeah. Fire-hose chairs. Fire-hose wine carriers. Fire-hose loungers and wall art and mats and hammocks. All those things are happening, all handmade in the Bay Area—and turns out, fire hoses come in more colors than you might expect. White and orange and yellow and turquoise and... well, moving on. You can buy ’em online or in life at Propeller Modern or the SFMOMA store.

You’re not the only connoisseur of fire-hose art.

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