Things to do for January 30, 2014

The Weekender

Psycho, Spanish Guitar and Cuban-Bread French Toast

The weekend is Pharrell’s hat.

Getting Psycho Under the Stars

Getting <em>Psycho</em> Under the Stars

Tonight’s Thursday night. Or as you like to call it... well, Thursday night. But this one kicks off a two-day Hitchcock festival at the Barnacle. On the docket: screenings of Psycho, Vertigo and The 39 Steps under the stars. Pack a picnic. Bring a date. You’re golden.

Jan 30-31, times vary, $8-$20, The Barnacle, 3485 Main Hwy, 305-442-6866

Oh, Just a Stadium Full of Beer

Oh, Just a Stadium Full of Beer

It’s about time Sun Life Stadium was put to good use (Dolphins, ahem). And so someone’s decided to fill it with beer. Like, 120 different types of beer. All lining the field alongside local food trucks and competitive lawn games. Beer. And lawn games. Because of course.

It’s Awards Season. For Burgers.

It’s Awards Season. For Burgers.

Dear burgers: you’re quite tasty. And versatile. In fact, you deserve your own awards ceremony. One where local DJs (Afrobeta), musicians (Los Bastardos Magnificos) and live artists gather with 25 food trucks to honor your char-grilled glory. (By the way, it’s the fifth annual Burgie Awards this Saturday.)

Bread + Butter Does Breakfast Now

Bread + Butter Does Breakfast Now

This is a story all about how your breakfast got flipped, turned upside down. And we’d like to take a minute, so sit right there, and we’ll tell you all about how... Bread + Butter’s going to do that. Mostly with Cuban-bread french toast and ropa vieja hash. In the Gables. Sorry, Bel-Air.

Mon-Fri, 7:30am, Bread + Butter, 2330 Salzedo St, Coral Gables, 305-442-9622

The Regent Cocktail Club Does Spain

The Regent Cocktail Club Does Spain

Hey, good news. Your Mondays are about to get a solid upgrade. Yeah. That’s because the Regent Cocktail Club will be channeling la madre patria every week with a live guitar duo and specials on Spanish-inspired cocktails. Looks like Mondays are the new... Mondays.

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