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Your Playlists Are on Every Speaker Now

None You know that one scene in That Thing You Do where they run around the radio store tuning all the radios to the same station...


Well, that was a great scene. For Liv Tyler. For life. For...

Anyway, it would’ve been much easier if they’d used this thing.

Adjust your volume to Rocki, a tiny portable box that magically transfers your entire playlist onto any available speaker, regardless of whether it’s yours or not, available for preorder now and set to ship in the next couple months.

It looks a bit like a candy-colored, futuristic gemstone or something. Only instead of being valuable for its elements, it’s valuable for its ability to automatically play your music on anything that plays music. Fair trade.

It works anywhere there’s a wi-fi connection. In cars. On running trails. Airplanes. And the battery runs for up to eight hours, so it should outlast most fireside chats or Super Bowl parties or fireside Super Bowl party chats. Download the corresponding app, plug it into any speaker, and it’ll play whatever’s stored on your phone or computer.

And if your friends download the app, they’ll be able to add their music to your playlist, too.

But, yeah... no.

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