Melrose Umbrella Co.

It’s Raining Gin

This Umbrella Company Is Actually a Bar

19dec55beb5c4a258fc6ed2f794545308092aa727 PhotosMelrose Umbrella Co.
Look outside.

Nope. You definitely don’t need an umbrella.

You need a whole building full of them.

And if that building happens to have some gin in there, too, no complaints...

Seek shelter in Melrose Umbrella Co., a stunner of a Melrose cocktail spot dotted with the occasional umbrella, opening soon on Melrose.

So yeah, on your next cold, wet night in Los Angeles—or just, whatever, some night when the bar is open and you are in Los Angeles—come on in. Sit under a stuffed goose by the 1890s fireplace mantel. Admire the hefty apothecary-backed bar and the bounty of umbrellas on the walls. And then... well, this is a date spot, obviously. Umbrellas.

(Remember: Rihanna figured out the sexy-umbrella thing years ago.)

As for what you’re drinking. Some important people are seeing to that. People with surnames like Cox and Patterson and Goldman. You know. Good guys. Guys who want to get you some raisin-infused rye with vanilla sugar. Maybe a gin-cucumber-grapefruit-passion-fruit specialty for your date.

And as for when you can actually enter your first umbrella-company-themed bar: they’ll be open by next Tuesday. They hope. Maybe before. They think. So check your local weather.

By which we mean Twitter.
Note: Melrose Umbrella Co., expecting to open by January 21 (follow on Twitter and Facebook for updates), 7465 Melrose Ave, 323-951-0709, see the slideshow


Melrose Umbrella Co.
7465 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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