Gram Session

A Bluetooth Gramophone. Yep, It Happened.

None 137 years.

That’s how long it took for gramophones to finally become wireless Bluetooth devices.

Adjust your monocle and behold the Gramovox, the world’s first Bluetooth-powered honest-to-God gramophone, available now for preorder and shipping in June.

You know the gramophone. That thing with the horn. The device that launched a thousand fox-trots. Thomas Edison invented it way back in 1877, but he forgot to make it compatible with Bluetooth devices. So instead of solving that, he just moved on to lightbulbs.

No worries, though. Because some guys just reproduced the horn of a 1920s gramophone using steel and brass, and stuck it on a wood base full of technology that syncs with your phone or laptop and plays music. Nice one, future.

And it goes anywhere. So you can play the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack on an actual boardwalk. Or play back recordings of your own fireside chats at a fireside chat. Or since that’s really weird, maybe just find out what “Blurred Lines” would have sounded like during the Coolidge years.

We always pegged Coolidge as a Thicke fan.

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