Sitting Sail

The Seats of These Chairs Are Old Sails

None If chairs could talk, they probably wouldn’t have much to say.

If these chairs could talk, they’d probably regale you with tales of rocky seas, sunken treasures, Taiwanese mermaids, pirates on pogo sticks, close encounters with the US Coast Guard and talking dolphins.

Point is: these chairs used to be sails.

All not-hands on deck for Trimmer, a collection of handsomely weathered sailcloths that spent their formidable years circumnavigating the globe and have since been repurposed into sitting devices (so... they’re chairs), available online now.

Picture sitting in a hammock. A vertical one. Now think about how much better that would be if it were a sail-chair that was handmade in Spain. (It would be better. It would be a whole lot better.)

You’ll want one of these on hand whenever sitting is considered socially acceptable. Possibly while wearing a smoking jacket and humming Barry Manilow songs to yourself instead of smoking.

Just have someone watch your chair when you get up to stoke the fire. A sail-chair is a high commodity. Everyone wants to sit on a sail-chair.

Oh yeah, you can also send in your own sails for them to use.

Quick: add a sailboat to your Christmas list.

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