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Hot Whiskeys and Boar Ribs on McKinney Ave

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Winter Storm Cleon has finally passed.

The ice has melted. The streets are open. And we’ve got a handsome new place for eating ribs.

Yes, yes, it’s indoors.

Take refuge inside Barter, a rustic wooden home fortified with wild-boar ribs and cocktails on tap, slated to open tomorrow on McKinney Ave in the old Private | Social space.

First thing to know: there’s the three-sided bar on your right. It’s a fine place for exercising your natural birthright to spend the day hunkered down over hot whiskey slings. And to your left, the dining room. It’s that large space with cork floors, wooden tables and exposed brick walls adorned with black-and-white photos. Impossible to miss.

So you’ve got some options. Namely, dinner and drinks. The food comes from Tim Love, and it’s all charcuterie board and poutine this, chili-crab fajitas and Gulf snapper that. And if you’re drinking (of course you’re drinking), Rocco Milano is stirring up Sazeracs and pouring tequila sours from the tap.

But say you’d like to keep your imbibing options open. Do some sampling. Well, they offer custom flight trios here, too. Feel free to mix high-end whiskey, añejo rum and mezcal.

Then let us know what happens.

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