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5 Things to Know About Queen of the Night

Some folks from Sleep No More and The Box are up to some no good called Queen of the Night, a kinky dinner-kidnapping theater inspired by Mozart’s final opera. It’s happening at the Diamond Horseshoe, a legendary old nightspot, and it starts on NYE.

We’ll keep the surprises surprise-y, but here’s a taste.

It’s sorta inspired by The Magic Flute...
... and involves a very dark debutante ball. And the world’s foremost (also: only) French S&M German-wheel performer. And some Tony winners. And a guy who can literally jump to the ceiling.

... and possibly some creative moisturizing on your part.

Just... you’ll see.

Cocktails from a mad scientist’s lab.
The bar is a literal series of tubes. They’re everywhere. There’s smoke. There’s booze. Your drink travels through a network of beakers and passages all around you. Then into a glass. Which is convenient.

You may be abducted before the meal.
You’ll be chatting up a date, and then you’ll be gone. Trust us—this is going to go well (read: morally questionably) for you.

Dinner’s on spikes.
Short rib from the people behind American Cut and Scarpetta is served in massive cuts on a tray of metal spikes. Your chicken comes in a birdcage. But, you know, fried.

We’re your new best friends.
If all this is a little confusing for you, yeah. It should be. Which is why we’ve secured some VIP tickets for you with UD Perks, so you can just experience it for yourself.

We love you, too.


Queen of the Night
at the Diamond Horseshoe at the Paramount Hotel
235 W 46th St
(between Broadway and 8th)
New York, NY, 10036

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