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Your New Walking/Riding/Biking App

None Depending on your fellow Thanks-givers, we see your Thursday going one of two ways:

1. Cheese, beer. Turkey, gravy, wine. Football, pie. Conversation, port.
2. Cheese, beer. Turkey, gravy... getmeoutofhere.

We’re going to focus on the latter. And a new app that can ease your exit from any situation.

It’s called RideScout, it just launched for iPhone and Android to give you a real-time view of your transportation options from point A to point B, and DC is its first city.

This thing is something of a meta-transportation concierge, letting you see car-share, ride-share, public-transit, even biking and walking options.

So picture it: it’s tomorrow. You’re finished eating. It’s time to go. You’ll pull up this app and enter your destination. In a couple seconds, it’ll show you the nearest Car2Go car, Metro station and Capital Bikeshare dock, offer to call you a cab, and show you where the nearest ride-share drivers are. It’ll also sort them by cost, arrival time or (in the case of walking or biking) how many calories you’ll burn getting there.

If you’re feeling magnanimous, you can set a meeting point and offer to give a ride to anyone in your existing social-media networks.

It’s what the pilgrims would have done.

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