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A Downtown Saloon in an Underground Vault

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Everyone’s gearing up for a heavy dose of family time this week.

So you definitely wouldn’t be interested in riding this out with some Manhattans in an underground bank vault where nobody could ever find you.

No, definitely wouldn’t be interested in anything like that...

Withdraw some liquid assets from Crane’s Downtown, a dark neighborhood cocktail dive buried in the vault of a forgotten bank, opening Wednesday on Spring Street.

If you’re having fond flannel-covered memories of Crane’s Hollywood Tavern right now, this is that. Kind of. But in a Downtown bank vault. Flannel is still a safe bet, though.

Just take the stairs down from the street, and through the titanic vault door you’ll find it—a long wood-paneled hall of red lights and bulldog art. You might be here to get to know the jukebox after an Orpheum show, or on a casual date that’s about wearing whatever you’re wearing and ordering a few easy drinks whose ingredients you recognize.

And if an underground bank vault doesn’t provide quite the level of discretion you require, keep going. You’ll find a more intimate back space called the Boot Nugget Room, with seating for eight and zero speakers.

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Crane’s Downtown
801 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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