Plot Twist

Your New Project with Stan Lee (Kind Of)

None Stan Lee: he brought the world Peter Parker, Iron Man and the Hulk.

And now for the next great project he’ll help shepherd to life:

The Incredibly True Adventures of a Procrastinating Screenwriter.

Pull up your director’s chair for Plotagona new web tool that transforms your script into actual animated scenes with the help of some new Stan Lee–created characters, online now.

What this is: software that lets you pick a location, add characters—including stock Sims types, recognizable characters from Lewis Carroll and Jane Austen, and new Stan Lee superheroes—and then type up a quick scene and get them saying your dialogue on screen. So you’ll hear it out loud. Even if that means your Mexican standoff scene ends up going down between the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. Actually, that gives you an idea for a rewrite...

So use it to try out lines. Establish character motivation. See if your political thriller about the battle over Runyon Canyon trail access could work as a trilogy.

Just keep in mind the technology is in beta. Meaning your characters are just barely more expressive than pre-caffeine Keanu Reeves right now—but they’re willing to do whatever the part demands.

And work way below scale.

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