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Meet Your New Chicken Wing Specialist

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And in breaking local sports news...

This wings place.

Roll up your sleeves for Wing Bucket, a new Downtown den you’ll frequent for big games, Mexican Cokes and 16 different kinds of chicken wings, now open.

When the Stars play. When the Cowboys play. When the Mavericks play. When it’s time for lunch. Those would all be good occasions to pop into this dark-wood-walled counter-service spot for a basket of buffalo wings and a prime table by the TVs.

But don’t get buffalo wings. Well, at least don’t get just buffalo wings. Not when there are 15 other varieties on the menu, like mole, PB&J and Mae Ploy sweet chili. Also, exotic dipping sauces like sriracha ketchup and cucumber wasabi—that last one probably pairs great with the PB&J.

And coming soon: a covered patio, additional flat-screens, a liquor license and takeaway six-packs...

Sometimes you wish soon was sooner.

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