Slide and Joy

Just... It’s a Weird Waterslide from the Future

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See that picture up there.

That’s a pretty weird waterslide.


Right. Enough small talk.

Think aquatic thoughts for Shoot, a straight-from-across-the-pond waterslide that looks unlike any one you’ve ever seen (unless any one you’ve ever seen looks like a futuristic sink faucet popping out of the ground), available now.

Since you clearly have to rethink your entire approach to slides now, we’ll leave you with some inspiration on how to best exploit this monument.

Start a backyard polar bear club.
It’s not like you’re doing anything else with that pool out there. Might as well slap one of these next to it, invite some people over and make with the hypothermia already. Or just wait for spring.

Put one somewhere else. Anywhere else.
It’s fully customizable (size, color, material...), so take some liberties with it. Hypercolor slide for your lake deck. Mini version for your hot tub. Glass slide by your bath. Spitballing’s all we’re doing here.

Use it as a conversation piece.
Have a heat-lamped cocktail party in your backyard. Stand in front of it and receive praise. Drink some bourbon. Eat a danish. Ask yourself why you’re eating a danish at a cocktail party.

Point is: weird slide.

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