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Good Afternoon, Vietnam

Pho Lunching in Preston Center

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Between now and New Year’s, you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time at Preston Center.

Not so much for the holiday shopping as for the banh mi sandwiches, but still...

Welcome to the lunch rotation Miss Chi, a Vietnamese kitchen you’ll pop into for spring rolls, steak pho and the occasionally necessary midday cocktail, now open.

This is where you’ll go when you need a break from the exhausting work of buying gifts for others. An inviting aqua-accented space with yellow chairs, wood tables, wicker fixtures and, perhaps most importantly, a dual-purpose bar.

Purpose #1: spring-roll construction. To the bar’s left is where they’ll build you a rice-paper wrap filled with vermicelli, fresh herbs and whatever protein you think goes best with an order of brisket pho or Vietnamese meatball banh mi. So, probably lemongrass chicken.

Purpose #2: cocktail creation. The drink menu here comes courtesy of the Cedars Social’s Jules Pagan. Jules would be who you thank for those tapioca pearls in your champagne.

Classic Jules move.

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