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A Japanese Rice Bowl Bar in Adams Morgan

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Do one thing, and do it really well. Sage advice.

Like raise money for the Clintons really well, and you might be elected governor of Virginia one day. But we digress.

Here’s someone else who does one thing really well: the chef behind Donburi, a perfectly simple quick-serve spot for Japanese rice bowls and, well, not much else, opening next week in Adams Morgan.

This place has all the trappings you’ve come to expect in your bars—whitewashed brick, stools made from rebar, naked bulbs hanging down from red wires. But you won’t linger here for hours over clever cocktails and beers. Because there aren’t any.

No, this is a quick hit of a spot, where you’ll go to fuel up for what’s ahead, mostly on rice, fish and fried pork.

There are only 14 stools here, so be quick about it. Start out with Japanese-style pickles and a Japanese soda, then signal the chef. Your options: just eight of ’em, like salmon sashimi, or fried chicken with mirin and soy.

But whatever you pick, it’ll land before you on a cold-weather-ready base of rice, a dark sauce, nori and a half-cooked egg.

It’s faster than a fully cooked egg.


2438 18th St NW
(between Columbia and Belmont)
Washington, DC, 20009


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