Things to do for November 07, 2013

The Weekender

Britney Spears, Blurred Lines and Pirates

WKND is opening at $45.10 a share.

This Week in Airport Security News:

This Week in Airport Security News:

—The FAA announced passengers may now use laptops, tablets and other electronics that aren’t cellphones during takeoff and landing. Great. We guess.
—A Montreal Airport security guard discovered three pumpkins inside of a woman’s luggage that were allegedly filled with two kilos of cocaine. Canada. Figures.

How the British Fend Off Pirates Now

How the British Fend Off Pirates Now

A playlist full of Britney Spears.

On repeat.

At an unreasonably loud volume.

Using speakers pointed directly at Somali pirates.

Never fails.

The “Blurred Lines” Girl Has a Website

The “Blurred Lines” Girl Has a Website

Her Name: Emily Ratajkowski.
That’s Pronounced: Rah-tah-cow-skee.
You Know Her As: That girl from the “Blurred Lines” video.
You’ll Remember Her For: Her not-at-all-safe-for-work photo shoots with Jonathan Leder and Terry Richardson, and now: her very own website. Yes, the Internet needed this.

A Christmas Story... Monument

<em>A Christmas Story</em>... Monument

Remember that scene in A Christmas Story where the kid’s tongue gets stuck to a pole? Yeah... great scene. So great, turns out, that the residents of Hammond, Indiana, decided to erect a life-size monument of that scene in its honor. Or as a reminder of the dangers associated with triple-dog dares.

80-Year-Old Man vs. Wild Bear

80-Year-Old Man vs. Wild Bear

What happens when a very old Russian shepherd meets a very carnivorous bear in a raspberry field:
1) Man crosses paths with bear.
2) Man head-butts bear.
3) Bear throws man off cliff.
4) Man survives.
5) Man’s family bakes him pies.
6) Pies are washed down with vodka... presumably.

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