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A Very ’70s East Village Cocktail Spot

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Well, Joe Lhota, the poor bastard, was right about one thing:

New York is reverting back to the ’70s.

And it’s breathtaking...

Break out the leisure suit for The Golden Cadillac Food & Drink, a cozy retro corner of cocktails, opening tomorrow at the nexus of the universe.

Burled wood tables. 1977 Playboy covers on the bathroom walls. Yellow-orange ambient light. Just imagine drinking on the set of The Gong Show, and you’ve got the idea. It’s all brought to you by visionaries with backgrounds at Pegu Club, Clover Club and Cocktail Kingdom (your go-to for humongous-ice-sphere makers).

Beware the cocktails. They’re illustrated on the menu—delicious relics of an era whose goal was to mask the taste of alcohol. But... it’s in there. Their “English Style” Long Island Iced Tea tosses gin and Mexican Coke into the mix. Buttery Nipples. Piña coladas out of a pineapple. Every gloriously tacky drink in existence, plus mini Monte Cristos and sea-urchin deviled eggs.

Your move: come alone. You don’t want anyone cramping your style. There are small tables in the middle of the place, suspended on brass poles. Just lean on one suggestively, and perfect the art of the wink and point. Okay, okay, maybe bring some friends.

And drop your keys in the fishbowl at the door.


The Golden Cadillac Food & Drink
13 1st Ave
(at 1st St)
New York, NY, 10003


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