Pure Thing

A Self-Destructing App for... Romance

None Leave no evidence.

In most cases, it’s a pretty good rule to follow.

Particularly when it comes to jewel heists, fixing elections or meeting someone online.

And since we can’t find any evidence of you heisting jewels or fixing elections...

Let’s keep the streak alive with Pure, a freshly minted cellular telephone application that helps you scour the city of Boston for attractive people while automatically shredding your digital paper trail along the way, available now for iPhone.

This is quite possibly the most straightforward, no bullsh*t app of its kind. Ever.

There are pictures. There are “Yes” and “No Way” buttons. And that’s it. Just upload your most dashing photo as a “request” for the consideration of others, and if they’re into you, you’ll decide how the story goes by meeting in person at a mutually agreed-upon location. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book for... not reading.

Try to figure it out in 60 minutes, though. Because that’s when the app’s self-destruct button kicks in and erases your requests, photos and conversations forever.

As for erasing anyone you may have met...

Our liability ends here.

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