Things to do for October 10, 2013

The Weekender

Ghosts, German Beer and a Mustache Competition

The weekend is getting the band back together.

La Botte’s New Secret Menu

La Botte’s New Secret Menu

The four-course happy hour: an idea whose time has come. La Botte cleared some space for one big new communal table, and that’s the only place you can get a four-course tasting menu for $20 weeknights from 5 to 8pm—think Wagyu lasagna and mushroom gelato. As you often think.

Mon-Fri, 5-8pm, La Botte, 620 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, 310-576-3072

It’s a New Mohawk General Store

It’s a New Mohawk General Store

Last time you were at the Sunset Junction Intelligentsia and needed an A.P.C. shirt and some Tellason Denim, you walked over to Mohawk General Store. But at the Intelligentsia in Pasadena, you usually end up denimless. Sad. Hey, here’s another Mohawk, just steps away from that Intelligentsia, too. Happy.

Oktoberfest at Saddle Peak Lodge

Oktoberfest at Saddle Peak Lodge

The problem with most Oktoberfest celebrations: far too little taxidermy around. So there’s just one place, really, where you’d want to do a five-course, German-beered lunch under a menagerie of mounted animal heads. That place is Norman Bates’s office. No. Wait. Saddle Peak Lodge.

A Day of Competitive Bearding

A Day of Competitive Bearding

The Saturday afternoon crowd at the Federal Bar is going to look a bit different this weekend when the Beard and Mustache Competition takes over. Basically, you’ve got two days to grow something amazing. Or two days until you get a beer and see some beards that look like Ferris wheels.

Poltergeist at a Drive-In

<em>Poltergeist</em> at a Drive-In

What with the holiday of horror coming up (no, not Thanksgiving), a drive-in screening of Poltergeist on some astroturf seems about right. Sure, there will be food trucks, but don’t expect a trick-or-treat situation. You just have to pay them.

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