Dirty Sexy Honey

Billiards, Cardamom-Spiked Bourbon and a Disco

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Supergroups are a terrible idea.

Just look at Slash’s Snakepit, or NKOTBSB. The fact that they existed was... pretty amazing, actually.

Like we were saying, supergroups are a fantastic idea.

Just look at what happens when the empire behind Seven Grand and the Varnish joins forces with NYC’s esteemed Death + Co. guys:

You get Honeycut, a dazzling collusion of cocktail legends that could only result in cardamom-spiked bourbon and a neon-floored disco, now soft-open under a random Downtown alley.

First: secure a date with someone who looks refined in a faded T-shirt. Someone who, when handed a 50-cocktail-deep menu broken into helpful subsections like “Classy as F**k,” smiles at you like it’s going to be a good night.

Then descend some alley stairs, and your evening starts at a horseshoe booth in a shadowy, mirror-ceilinged pool hall of wood-slatted walls and vintage rock, somewhere between purgatory and Flower Street. Down here, the handlebar-mustache-to-inked-sleeves ratio approaches 1:1, and drinks should contain rainwater madeira or cassis liqueur.

At some point, you’ll recognize a riff, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or something, coming from a second room. Follow it to what they call the Disco, where the dance floor is made of pulsing LED squares and the on-tap cocktails arrive quickly.

Your “Billie Jean” moves are rather urgent.


819 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA, 90017


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