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Here’s how you take your coffee from now on.

Black. No sugar. Side of shoes, a haircut, ties, suits and... possibly a bicycle.

Because you’ll be getting it at Haberdash Roosevelt Collection, a superstore of handsomeness and caffeine in the South Loop, open as of today.

You know these Haberdash fellows pretty well—what with their famed State Street stores and their way with a flannel button-down.

Here, you’ll find they’re doing what they do best. Custom suits. Spiffy oxford shoes. A Swedish raincoat that is the closest thing to wearing a full-body galosh. You know: things you expect.

Now for things you don’t. There’s a barista pouring La Colombe coffee. So you can grab an espresso. Relax on a leather chesterfield. Hang out. Google something.

There’s also a barber station, which will be guest-barbered by the Blind Barber out of New York starting later this month. Word on the street: he’s very good and not very blind.

Something else you’ll find: a mini shop for Filson, the hunting-bag maker from way back when your great-grandpa was wrestling bears in Wisconsin. There’s even a bike Filson designed with Shinola, the Detroit watch-and-bike maker.

Good to hear Detroit’s in the transportation business.


Haberdash Roosevelt Collection
150 W Roosevelt Rd
(at Clark)
Chicago, IL 60605


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