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A Glass-Enclosed Haven of Burmese Food

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Picture your average Asian menu. Tons of options. Sometimes there’s even numbers to keep track of it all.

Well, the pendulum has swung. All the way to an Asian spot with no menu at all.

It’s called Mandalay, where the seven courses of Burmese food change every day, taking reservation requests now via email for soft-opening seatings this weekend in Shaw.

Your meal here is gonna be pretty varied. Could be coconut rice, could be pickled-mango curry. Could have Indian influences... or European influences, like Burmese-spiced steak-and-potato stew.

Not that you won’t have any input. When you make your reservation, you can tell them if you have an aversion to ginger, or to up the spice quotient. Then, when you sit in this minimalist, glass-walled room, the dishes will start hitting the table.

You probably also want to put yourself in the hands of the bartender, who dreams up cocktails to match what the chef is doing. What this might mean: a Bloody Mary made with fresh beets and Asian eggplant, and spiked with garlic hot sauce (also: gin).

Then, come back when they open their upstairs bar. It’ll be like a mixology lab where drinks are created off the cuff with housemade vermouth and bitters.

And probably hot sauce.


1501 9th St NW
(at P St)
Washington, DC, 20001


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