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Big baseball game tonight.

Maybe you’re going.

In that case, have a hot dog and beer for us.

Maybe you’re not going.

In that case, have a hot dog and beer for us.

Just have it at Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, a casual counter-service spot you’ll enlist for everything-topped franks and Texas draft beers, now open on Oak Lawn.

Keep this place in your back pocket. Because you don’t always want hot dogs. But when you do, you like them slathered in housemade aioli and smoked-chipotle chili. You appreciate them served alongside local brews (Lakewood Temptress, Franconia Lager). And you require... well, a patio wouldn’t hurt.

Right, so grabbing a couple dogs before tonight’s game is just good sense. Step up to the counter, survey your options and call out your order. Then settle onto a red-and-white-striped bench or one of those metal patio tables outside. And, you know, eat a hot dog.

But let’s say you’re enjoying some quality time at home (couch, beer, friends) when you’re hungry and suddenly realize food would be helpful. No problem. These guys deliver. Which means franks and Frito pies are just a phone call away.

Plus however far you live.


Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
2615 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX, 75219


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