Kimball House

Dr. Richard Kimball

A Dark and Sexy Absinthe Lair in Decatur


Truth is, you probably weren’t thinking about it five minutes ago.

But you are now.

Funny how this whole mind-control thing works.

Also: here’s where you’re drinking some tonight.

They call her Kimball House, a dark and leathery absinthe lair with the added comforts of oysters, lobster and the fact that it comes from some Leon’s and Brick Store guys, opening tonight in Decatur.

It feels like a sexy, old-timey hotel lobby bar in there (minus the being-attached-to-a-hotel part). And seeing as it was named after an old-timey downtown Atlanta hotel, that kind of makes sense. The antique guns, books and stuffed bobcat on the shelves don’t hurt either.

Plan a date with someone not unspecial tonight. If three-course steak dinners are their thing, perfect. They have those. But should the evening call for more casual circumstances, have some plates from the raw bar sent over. Nova Scotia oysters. Shrimp. Lobster. Sea things. Delicious things.

When you’re ready, swing around to that big, wooden, backlit bar. Sit near one of the two six-spouted absinthe “fountains.” They’ll put your glass underneath one, lay a sugar cube on top and just let it drip.

Because that’s what you do with absinthe.


Kimball House
303 E Howard Ave
Decatur, GA, 30030

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