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Oh, hey. If you haven’t seen this NASA frog thing yet, you should Google it. It’s hilarious. Seriously, take a second. We’ll be here.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk steak. And rum. And you. And this place...

Meet Smash Kitchen & Bar, a charmingly low-lit restaurant with a dining room on one side and a colossal wraparound bar on the other, now open in Brookhaven.

Here’s what you should know:

It’s from the folks behind Strip and Coast. Except it’s darker. Moodier. Split in two... -ier. To your left: a winding labyrinth of red booths. To your right: that bar. Choose wisely.

The restaurant: think casual steakhouse. Very casual. Bring a date. Order some prime rib. It comes in XL and XXL sizes. Presumably from XXL cows.

That bar: perfect for taking in a game. Or grabbing after-movie drinks. Easy.

There are rum dreamsicles. Repeat: rum dreamsicles. You know what to do.

That meal combining breakfast and lunch: they have it. Come by after 10am on a Sunday for brunch. (Obviously.) On the patio. (Also obviously.) With a Bigger Than Texas Chili Dawg—a hot dog topped with fried egg and cheese grits.

That may not have been so obvious.


Smash Kitchen & Bar
804 Town Brookhaven, Ste 1010
Atlanta, GA, 30319


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