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Meet the O4W’s Tiny New Pub

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Some things in life were created solely for your enjoyment.



Rooms in which to drink beer with your friends.

Rooms like Bantam Pub, a back-to-basics-style neighborhood bar for late-night reminiscing with people you don’t so much mind being around, now soft-open in the Old Fourth Ward.

This is where you’ll go when you want a laid-back bar and not too much fuss. There’s the black-and-white painting of a young Dylan. A small front patio with a slightly bigger side patio. A few shelves full of bourbon, tequila and rum. All you need, really.

Next time you have an evening to kill, round up a few friends and meet them here. Grab a high-top by the windows up front, scan the chalkboard tapas menu and rattle off what sounds interesting (seaweed-salad-topped scallops, fried risotto balls, hanger steak...) for everyone to share. And beer: you’ll want one. Maybe a Finch’s Secret Stache Stout served out of the can. Which just... feels right.

Oh, and if you’re looking for draft beer and/or a cocktail menu, just be patient. Because soon, they’ll have drinks like the Georgia-corn-whiskey-based Beyond Daddy Issues.

If your date orders that, don’t say you weren’t warned.

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