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A Huge New Lounge at the Hudson Hotel

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Happy Monday.

Yeah, you’re right. Let’s talk about Friday instead.

That’s when you’ll meet Henry, a Liquor Bar, a big, funkdafied living room of cocktails residing in the Hudson hotel, opening Friday.

This was Hudson Bar. Now they’ve made it more... not clubby. Homier, even—right down to the mini living room in the middle. (The one where the leather chairs have lamps built right into them. You can’t miss it.)

You’re coming here in a group. Because this place is huge. Post up in one of the zones surrounding that mini living room—the candelabra-adorned marble bar, the leather couches embedded into the wall, the... pink-neon-lit chair hanging upside down from the ceiling. (If you’re thinking of grabbing that one, call it a night.)

Take in some live jazz and hit the bar, which is stocked full of seasonal drinking goodness from a British guy who’s an expert in just that field. His preferred mixers include carrot vinegar, fennel pollen and miso caramel—so you should fully believe that all the vitamins in your cocktails make them healthy.

It can’t make them not healthy.


Henry, a Liquor Bar
at Hudson
356 W 58th St
(at 9th)
New York, NY, 10019


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