Things to do for September 06, 2013

The Weekender

Thomas Keller’s New Thing, Moonrise Kingdom and a Bloody Mary Contest

Duck, duck, weekend.

Bourbon & Beef Opens. You Go There.

Bourbon & Beef Opens. You Go There.

Idea. You should find a woodsy-feeling new restaurant called Bourbon & Beef. And once you find it, you should sit down with a date at a butcher-block table and order some crispy Kobe pork belly, lobster bisque and one of 20 bourbons. Just an idea.

So There’s This Rice Ball Operation...

So There’s This Rice Ball Operation...

First, Onigilly was a food cart selling authentic Japanese rice balls. Then it became a restaurant on Kearny. Now, it’s another restaurant. Only it’s an express/takeout version. And they’re experimenting with rice ball sandwiches filled with things like shrimp and spicy bacon. Silly rice ball people.

Now open, Onigilly Express, Four Embarcadero Center (street level), 415-576-1065

Thomas Keller Just Keeps Doing Stuff

Thomas Keller Just Keeps Doing Stuff

If there’s one thing better than Thomas Keller opening another restaurant in Yountville, it’s Thomas Keller opening... a little retail market in Yountville. Close enough, anyway. It’s called Finesse, and you can get things like chef’s coats, signed cookbooks and kitchen knives there. Ability to use them sold separately.

Now open, Finesse, The Store, 6540 Washington St, Yountville, 707-363-9552

Moonrise Kingdom. Great Outdoors. You.

<em>Moonrise Kingdom</em>. Great Outdoors. You.

Moonrise Kingdom sure would look good projected on a big screen in Washington Square Park on Saturday evening. Good thing exactly that is happening. There’s even a rumor that it’ll hit 80 that day. Degrees. Eighty degrees. Which... we know.

Sep 7, 8pm, no cost, Washington Square Park

Bloody Mary Contest. You’re Judging.

Bloody Mary Contest. You’re Judging.

Picture 10 bartenders. The kind from places like Beretta, Twenty Five Lusk and Rye. Now picture them competing against each other in a no-holds-barred Bloody Mary–making competition. And finally, picture you tasting each one and declaring a winner. Congratulations, you just pictured your Sunday afternoon.

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