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Three Ways to Use Pressy

None Using your phone. You’ve got the basics. But if someone could make the process of filming your American Ninja Warrior audition a bit more efficient, well, you know what they say: time is Instagram likes.

So here comes Pressy, a button you plug into your Android’s headphone jack that you can program to do pretty much anything with a touch, available for preorder now on Kickstarter.

The following are a few ways to harness its power...

1. Pictures or it didn’t happen.
You’re at LIV. Hey, look—it’s [REDACTED]. And it looks like they’re... wow, okay. You need to record this for posterity. Discreetly. Just double-click Pressy and it’ll snap a photo. Your screen will remain off and there won’t be a single sound or flash. See, discreet.

2. When you need a guiding light.
Flashlights. So practical. Except when you’re trying to extricate yourself from a dimly lit situation in less than seven swipes of your phone. That’s where this thing comes in. Press it once and voilà—light at the end of a (hypothetically) clothes-strewn tunnel.

3. For pretty much anything.
Really. You can program it to do all kinds of stuff with different combinations of clicks. It can check you into locations. Dial up friends. Also: it’ll record conversations... while your screen’s still locked.

You’ll have to supply your own waivers.

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