From the Heart

This Will Turn Your Heartbeat into a Key

None First, some requirements for what you’re about to see:

1) Have a pulse.
2) Have a desire to never turn a key, swipe a card or remember a password ever again.

Be still your heart for Nymi, a Bluetooth-enabled bracelet that uses your heartbeat to grant access to... almost anything, really, available for preorder now and shipping next spring.

Consider this fact: no other heartbeat matches yours. Don’t ask why. Just raise an intrigued brow...

... and then, consider a bracelet that measures your heartbeat, verifies your identity and unlocks your door. Or pays for coffee. Or logs you into email. Because that’s exactly what this is.

How it works: clasp it around your wrist. Power it on. Touch its sensor—it’ll recognize your cardiac rhythm. Then, whenever you’re near something synced with the bracelet—a door, a computer, whatever—its Bluetooth will trigger your access. Simple. Slightly creepy... but simple.

Also, its motion sensors allow hand gestures to control things Minority Report–style. Like your car door. Or your TV. Or your 3D printer that prints deviled eggs.

Surely they’ll have those by 2014.

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