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This App Takes 3D Pictures

None Well, here’s something you could’ve used all summer...

Do a cartoonishly triumphant sound effect for Tadaa 3D, a simple iPhone app that makes all of your photos look like they have not one, not two, but—yep—three dimensions, available now.

Instagram 3D. That’s this in a nutshell. You open the app. You take a picture. Then, you trace your finger over whatever you want to look all 3D-y and voilà. There, that was easy. Not sure what James Cameron was fussing about.

You’ll want to have this thing handy for special occasions. Like ball games. Or three-day holiday weekends honoring the economic and social contributions of the American workforce.

Anytime something noteworthy happens, just take a picture using this and it’ll upload instantly to the app’s social network. Of course, feel free to throw on one of the built-in image filters first like “Spearmint” or “Crispy Duck.”

Ansel Adams was a huge Crispy Duck fan.

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