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The Finest Bordello Rooftop on Sunset

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Congratulations—your Monday just got 100% more Sunset Strip rooftop.

And 23% more tequila.

Raise a tumbler to the sky at Pearl’s Liquor Bar, an antique-filled 1910 hideout equipped with a lush rooftop over Sunset, opening tonight.

What you’ll find inside here is an elegant brothel-themed salon, and it’s heavy on chandeliers, random old stuff, leather and herringbone. (That would be the floors, made with wood from Duke’s. Which reminds us: this is where Duke’s was.)

So if you’ve come bearing date, the two of you should head past the vintage perfume displays for some oysters and a couple of Fitzgeralds (tequila, coconut water, jalapeño) at the dark, moody bar. For those kinds of dates needing a little dark-and-moody to start.

But don’t ignore those ancient wooden stairs beyond. They lead to a garden. It’s dark and moody, too—just kidding, it’s slathered in astroturf, with an ivy-covered swing and a photo booth. So that... should liven things up. Still. You’re not stopping yet. Keep going, through a second bar area, and you’ll find what you’re after:

Here it is. A double-decker rooftop patio. There’s a DJ. And a fireplace. And a pretty enchanting view.

Even aside from the third bar.

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