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Airline-Style Beverage Carts. For Your Place.

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35,000 feet.

Just pretend you’re at 35,000 feet.

Find yourself a good stewardess for Bordbar, a line of German-engineered airline beverage carts that have been modified for home use, available online now.

In a nutshell, these are the terrestrial versions of those waist-high, stainless-steel hospitality trolleys that are always shuttling you cocktails or hitting you on the elbow when you fly.

And you need one because...

... some of them are vintage. Before this thing wheeled around drinks at your Labor Day barbecue, a few of them proudly flew/served tiny scotches for Pan Am in the ’60s and ’70s. And that’s history you can appreciate.

... all of them are customizable. Just head to the site and start choosing your cart’s compartments. Like a cutting board (for limes). Or a wine rack (for wines). Or an LED-lit interior (for... no reason, really).

... one of them has a foosball table. Yup. These guys make a model that’s actually got a compact foosball table built right into the top.

So that’s probably the cart you get.

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