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Desks and Stools, Handmade in Virginia

None You’re going to change the world one day. Shake things up.

But before you can become a tech mogul and then buy a legacy newspaper, you’re going to need to sit around and think some big thoughts.

What you need: a desk and chair befitting the task at hand.

So have a look at Moore & Giles Black Walnut Furniture, a new line of handmade pieces out of Virginia, available now in limited quantities to dress up your big-thinking nook.

First, some background. These guys have been turning out gorgeous leather duffels and wallets from Lynchburg for 80-odd years. But now they’ve hired an expert cabinetmaker to get some of that leather into furniture. He hand-planes and hand-buffs the wood. He uses materials from Virginia. He probably listens to a lot of Avett Brothers.

As for what he’s come up with so far, put it this way: if you’re looking to pen the Great American Novel (or just some pithy emails about last night’s Breaking Bad), this can’t help but inspire you.

Like a walnut saddle stool. Or a hammock-style magazine holder. Or the pièce de résistance: a Virginia-walnut writing desk, with leather inlay, stacked leather knobs and a partitioned drawer.

Yes, you’ll need to use a coaster.


Moore & Giles Black Walnut Furniture

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