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This Is Better Than a Personal Trainer

None 1. Pool parties.

2. Beach vacations.

3. General, like, health and stuff.

If you answered, “Grounds for downloading an app,” you’d be correct.

(Though we’d also have accepted “Grounds for joining a gym.”)

Stretch vigorously for TruTrainer, an iPhone app that’ll act like your personal trainer because... that’s exactly what it is, available now.

Yup, it’s a fitness app. And probably not your first. But this one’s a bit different. Because it takes those personal trainers you see around the gym, and it shrinks them down to iPhone size. Or maybe it just hires them to customize personal workouts for you. Yeah, that’s probably the case.

So what you’ll do: open the app and fill out some basic info. Height. Weight. Goals. Desired workout intensity, from “easy” to “insane.” That kind of stuff. Then your trainer will go about creating a series of workouts you can access right on your phone. Monday might be arms, abs and cardio. Wednesday could involve you swinging around some kettlebells. And Friday, well, hopefully that’s a rest day.

Oh, and should you need clarification on anything, each workout includes video demonstrations for exercises like squat thrusts. And Supermans. And running.

Hopefully you’ve got running figured out by now.

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