Ebanos Crossing

Crossing Over

A Downtown Sprawl of Mezcal and Tacos

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We have a new favorite word. Think you’ll like it. Totally sums up the perfect night.

And that word is:


Just sort of rolls right off the tongue...

Raise a lantern for Ebanos Crossing, a monumental sprawl of old-timey drinking (and catfish tacos) involving some esteemed guys from NYC’s Mayahuel and Death + Co, now soft-open.

So, Ebanos Crossing. It’s named after that floating Rio Grande bridge between Mexico and Texas. Bootleggers liked it because, well, of course they did. And what that all means for you is a mother of a Prohibition-themed place to do some lantern-lit cocktailing. And taco-ing.

Stick to the red stools at the bar if you’re just here for their take on an Old Fashioned—this one’s got bacon-infused bourbon, mezcal, agave and bitters. Or a Little Fatso, with whiskey, vermouth, Campari and grapefruit. Or... really, they cover a lot of bases here, so proximity to your bartender is key.

Although. If you’re on a date, you should probably go deeper in, past some brick, down some steps and onto a cozy leather couch. Keep those drinks coming, and summon some tacos as needed—they’ve got catfish, goat and veggie.

Yes, please.

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