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Three Ways to Use Brasileiro

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Once upon a time, there was a downtown restaurant called Porcão. It served never-ending meat.

For over a decade, times were great. Wine flowed. Stamina was tested. Meat sweats were absorbed. Then, it closed.

But good news: the space has been taken over by another Brazilian-style steakhouse. It’s called Brasileiro, it’s now open, and there are three primary situations when you’ll want to call on it:

You’ve got a business meeting. With Paleo types.
You and your associates will sit down. You’ll bypass the salad bar. Mainly because there is no salad bar. Then, you’ll each pay a flat fee ($39) for an all-you-can-eat parade of grilled delights—everything from filet mignon and skirt steak to bacon-wrapped chicken. You’ll supplement with rice and beans, fries and Peruvian beers. You’ll shake hands.

You’re stuck on I-395. And it’s happy hour...
You’ll exit the causeway and take a seat on a plush black leather chair at the bar. You’ll wait it out over octopus carpaccio topped with chorizo dust. Maybe a caipirinha.

You and 59 other people are starving.
You’ll reserve the private dining area with bay views. It’s the type of place that’s perfect for a crazy lunch for the entire office.

Or, you know, your next ribeye symposium.


801 Brickell Bay Dr
Miami, FL, 33131


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