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The Best Barbecue Nights in the City

The only thing better than barbecuing is... not actually having to barbecue. Or clean up afterward. So in that spirit, we’ve found five of the finest barbecue nights around town. Because where there’s smoke, there’s a medium-rare burger. Or something.

Grilled Lobster in a French Villa

Grilled Lobster in a French Villa

You’re a fan of: Crispy crustaceans. And... Halle Berry.
Head to: Villa Azur.
Where you’ll find: Perfectly grilled lobster, ribeye and branzino. Also: 50% off bottles of wine and a possible Halle sighting. Yeah, her husband owns the joint.
But beware: Her husband owns the joint.

Sundays, 6:30pm, Villa Azur, 309 23rd St, Miami Beach, 305-763-8688

A Glorious, Smoke-Scented Tiki Hut

A Glorious, Smoke-Scented Tiki Hut

You’re a fan of: Umbrella drinks. Medium-rare beef patties.
Head to: The Tiki Bar at the Palms.
Where you’ll find: A thatched-roof tiki bar by the pool serving up $10 Angus burgers hot off the grill and pitchers of micheladas and passion fruit daiquiris.
But beware: Those little umbrellas. Seriously. Just... no.

Eating Barbecue. From Everywhere.

Eating Barbecue. From Everywhere.

You’re a fan of: Grilled meat. From all over the world.
Head to: The Dutch.
Where you’ll find: Plates from the best barbecue regions around the globe, served up family-style. Like the Korean ’cue night featuring bulgogi beef skewers washed down with cans of PBR.
But beware: It’s BYO wet-naps.

Wednesdays, 7pm, $30, The Dutch, 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-938-3111

You’re About to Eat Some Pig Wings

You’re About to Eat Some Pig Wings

You’re a fan of: Old-fashioned American gumption.
Head to: The Federal.
Where you’ll find: A custom-made smoker. Churning out the kind of juicy brisket and KC-glazed pig wings that your warm potato salad and beer deserve.
But beware: No cardiologist will be on duty.

Your Next Barbecue Feast: At Home

Your Next Barbecue Feast: At Home

You’re a fan of: Eating ribs. On your couch.
Head to: Your phone. Dial up Miami Q.
Where you’ll find: A group of pros that’ll come to you with a grill, ingredients and a chef. Brazilian rodizio, Argentine parrillada, Bayou cookout—it’s all there.
But beware: Cleanup. Your velvet couches are totally unforgiving.

Booking now, Miami Q Catering, 305-244-4066

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