Inside This Palace: Duck, DJs and Zombie Cocktails

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There’s an old Moroccan palace, far, far away...

Just off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

So if you’re in traffic on the 10, it can seem like another continent.

But what awaits is Acabar, an exotic shrine to Indochine duck, DJs and deadly cocktails on tap, opening Tuesday in the former Dar Maghreb space.

From the outside, you’ll recognize the place instantly. But what’s inside—well, it looks like the Little Door owners, a Hollywood guy and the Palate chef got their hands on it. And they did. Get their hands on it.

Instead of 275 little rooms (give or take), it’s all been opened up into a grand hall of hanging lanterns with a stunning atrium at its core. You’ve got two options: head left for the dining room, right for the lounge. So head right for the lounge. You’re in for charred octopus, shrimp fritters and Porn Bread—it’s half biscuit, half cornbread, all SFW.

Oh, but first, actually, you’ll want to hit that bar, straight ahead from the entrance. Josh Goldman and Julian Cox (no intro required) are handling the drinks. Just know that the Zombie is on tap, and it’s so potent, they’ll only serve you two.

So, barkeep: two Zombies, please.

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