Go Fish

An Underwater Camera. So You Can Fish.

None Let’s review your “things needed to fish” checklist:

Body of water: check.

Fishing rod: check.

Gilligan-style white fishing hat: check.

Camera that can go underwater to allow you to see fish and stuff: no check.


Guess you can’t go fishing.

Well, you tried.


Hey, wait, maybe this’ll help...

Say ahoy to the Underwater Fishing Camera, a new device that shows you where in the water the fish are frolicking, available now.

Like the name implies, this is an underwater fishing camera. And it’s got everything you’d need in one of those. First, it’s got a camera. Second, that camera is waterproof. (Key.) Third, that camera is connected to a 49-foot cable and a seven-inch monitor. Fourth... it’s got a power switch.

So fast-forward to you on a boat. You’ll drop this camera into the water. You’ll use the monitor to determine where the marlin and catfish are hanging out. You’ll drop your fishing line near said fish and catch them. Then you’ll go home.

Of course, you don’t have to fish with this. You can just use the super-clear LCD monitor to admire the sea. The flowing kelp. The snapper. The marauding crawfish.

It’s like James Cameron is right there with you.

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