Tile One On

A Tracking Device for... Anything

None Tibet. Machu Picchu. Joshua Tree. The summit of Mount Everest.

Those are places you can go to find yourself.


That’s a curious plastic square you can use to find your things, available for preorder now.

Plain and simple, this is like LoJack for your car keys. Or laptop. Or wallet. Or briefcase. Or golden retriever. Or... you get the point. It’s going to help you not lose things you tend to occasionally lose.

All you need to do is adhere the tiny tracking square to something valuable. Then, download the companion app and sync that square with your iOS device via Bluetooth. Next, misplace said valuable. Now, fire up the app, follow the signal and find whatever it is you’ve been looking for.

Or have your friends find whatever it is you’ve been looking for. See, you can share access to your Tile with people you trust to form something of a makeshift search party.


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