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A New House of Pickled Slaw and Cured Meats

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So, our fair state has inadvertently banned all computers and smartphones.

Which means two things for you:

1. Find a lawyer.
2. You’re about to be handsomely rewarded for breaking the law with piles of smoked brisket.

Welcome to Preservation, a bucolic new spot for cured meats, pickled slaw and frosty bottles of beer, now open in Sunny Isles.

There are places you go for quaint lunches of tea and finger sandwiches. This isn’t one of them. This is the place you go for cured beef, smoked meats and pickled foodstuffs. Also, reclaimed-wood tables, metal bar stools, Edison bulbs and... texturized walls with imprints of leaves.

So, good idea to stop by with a date for a casual midweek thing. Slide into one of the corner tables by the bar and share a plate of charcuterie with housemade preserves, followed by a smoked-brisket sandwich with pickled slaw. You know what goes with pickled slaw: beer. Like a Florida Lager or Dragon Stout. Request a couple of those, too.

But before wrapping up the night, take a gander at those shelves by the bar. They’re stocked with jars of stuff like apple pie butter that you can take home.

And spread on whatever you’ve got handy.

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