Things to do for April 30, 2009

The Weekender

Pantsless Friday, Meaty B-cards, and (of Course) Beer

This weekend is the limits of wolverines past.

No Pants Day

No Pants Day

We're not sure what wise authority declared tomorrow No Pants Day, but far be it from us to question it. Celebrate in your own way, but please note: No Underpants Day is later in the year, so don't go commando.

National Homebrew Day

National Homebrew Day

Sure, the Kentucky Derby itself calls for mint juleps and bourbon, but what about the day's remaining 23:58? Allow us to suggest celebrating Homebrew Day by making your own beer. Find recipes here, and save us a pint.

In American Psycho's legendary b-card showdown, the trump card (so to speak) is made from a stock called Bone. takes that name to its logical conclusion—for a price to be determined, you'll soon be able to purchase a business card from meat. Bonus: works as sustenance in case of unemployment.

The Seven Deadly Sins, Mapped

The Seven Deadly Sins, Mapped

Leave it to a bunch of Kansans to turn sinning into a science. Geographers at Kansas State University have used statistics to map out where the seven deadly sins take place. Among the lessons: SoCal is a greedy place and Mississippi is our nation's lust capital.

Billing itself as the "illegitimate lovechild of Hype Machine and Muxtape," lets you make and share playlists of the Internet's most-buzzed-about songs. In other words, you'll look creative and plugged-in, without doing any of the legwork.

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