Mister 312

Mr. Mister

Where Bruce Wayne Would Get His Hair Cut

You've got nothing against the corner barbershop. You can "How 'bout them Cubs" with the best of them.

But sometimes you want your grooming served with a little more polish, a bit more panache and a lot less Floyd the Barber.

Introducing Mister 312, your new go-to for looking your gentlemanly best, slated to open this Friday in the Loop and taking reservations now.

If Wayne Manor opened a private men's salon, it would feel a lot like Mister 312. The single-story space, hidden under the L in a courtyard between two skyscrapers, even looks a bit like a bat cave—though once inside, the sleek marble-and-leather furnishings seem more like you've been dropped into a Gotham City penthouse.

For normal haircut trips, you'll want to book a seat in the eight-chair main salon, decked out with TVs in the mirrors and styling chairs designed by Porsche (the cars were a stepping stone). If your nails could use a touchup, you'll be escorted to a separate room for manicures, pedicures and hot towel treatments.

There's also a bar in the works, and for those big occasions (weddings, anniversaries, Saturdays), you can book the VIP suite, a salon within a salon complete with a vibrating chair, 50-inch web-enabled TV and someone taking your drink order.

That's you—always multitasking…


Mister 312
180 W. Lake St
(W. of LaSalle)
Chicago, IL, 60601

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