Cape of Good Soap

This Is America. These Are Your Soaps.

Empty whiskey bottles in the dirt.

Shotgun shells spewing smoke in the tall grass.

Bacon crackling over a campfire.

Yep. Beats Irish Spring every time...

Work up a lather with Outlaw Soaps, a new mélange of rough-around-the-edges soap bars that smell of anything from whiskey to campfires to bacon so you can, too, available online now.

If you could somehow fuse the general feel of colonial America with the general mad genius soap-mastery of Tyler Durden from Fight Club, you’d get... something really weird. Like these soaps. Which, by personal hygiene fragrance standards, are a little weird. Good weird. But weird.

One leaves you smelling like a mix of gunpowder, sage, dirt and campfires (ah, summer). Another: whiskey and coffee (ah, board meetings). Another still: birthday cake, blueberry muffins, cola and butterscotch (you’ve been meaning to smell more like Buddy the Elf).

And hey, it actually... works. It’s got a bunch of vegan fragrance oils and natural this-and-thats. It’ll basically make your skin really smooth. And since you’re wondering, yes, all of them come wrapped in a burlap bag.

Must be a soap thing.

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