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By the end of this week, you’re going to be feeling very American.

Good news—you’ll be dressing the part, too.

Here to help: Gant Rugger, the outfitter specializing in big, classic, broad-shouldered Americana style, opening its largest store in the US (and its first store in the Midwest) in Bucktown today.

This, of course, is the company that invented the button-down collar and that little loop on the back of your shirt. If you happen to have played a crew captain in any 1980s movie about Ivy League schools (or, in fact, were one), you were wearing these clothes. If you happen to be a Kennedy reading this from Hyannis Port, you’re probably familiar with their madras shorts, as well. (Also: hi, Kennedy.)

Here, they’ve created a store big enough for their entire collection. It’s decked out with beams from a Pennsylvania barn and dressing room doors reclaimed from an old schoolhouse.

Swing in to pick up a last-minute swimsuit and sunglasses for this weekend. While inside, look a little further down the road and check out their pre-fall stuff: a US-Army-by-way-of-Algiers assortment of blazers, trousers, neckties and some faded sweatshirts that read simply “Je suis Américaine.”

In case you’re spending the Fourth in Montreal.


Gant Rugger
1701 N Damen Ave
(at Wabansia)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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