Seecrypt Service

Military-Grade Encryption for Your Phone

None You’ve heard the news.

About PRISM. About the NSA. About your government’s talent for terrifying acronyms.

And while we have no reason to believe someone in an underground bunker is monitoring your late-night calls to Gertrude Middleton (the forgotten Middleton sister)...

You may still want to know about Seecrypt, a new mobile app allowing you to send and receive completely uneavesdroppable calls and texts anywhere in the world, available now.

It’s pretty much like Skype, but with the added bonus of double-layer, end-to-end, military-grade encryption. Oh, and a free three-month trial—so really, you’ve got nothing to lose, and only the freedom of clandestine expression to gain.

After installing the app, you’ll see some reassuring, secure-looking graphics. (Locks. Chains. Locks with chains.) Then, you’ll receive a private number—the number your closest associates will reach you at without fear of prying ears. Great, now you’re ready to conduct ultra-sensitive business/order a pizza. 

The catch—there’s always a catch with these things—your contact will need to download this app too before it’ll work.

Also, your contact will need to not be Edward Snowden.

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